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Mary Higgins Clark

By Melissa Jean Ensell

Her Work

Mary Higgins Clark has written great written works since after her first marriage. She started out, like mostMary Higgins Clark writers, by selling her works to a magazine. But now, she is a world renowned published author. The point of this article is to take a look at some of this "magician's" earliest works and some of the more recent masterpieces.

One of the first books that I read was A Cry In The Night. This book is about a fraudulent artist who marries a former art studio employee. Within the year, she becomes a wealthy, caring wife and mother. But also within that year's time, Jenny McPartland is accused of her ex-husband Kevin's murder. Did she do it, or was it all part of a devious plan sparked by her new husband, Erich Krueger? You'll have to read t find out.


 Another book that I've read and truly love is Moonlight Becomes You. In this story, a young woman goes to a party and is reunited with her stepmother. But when she's murdered, her daughter finds out a secret that no one else will be able to swallow.

The Lottery Winner tells the story of Willie and Alvirah Meenhan after they win the lottery. It's a collection of murder mysteries that is sure to send shockwaves down anyone's spine.

Another spin tingling saga is the book The Cradle Will Fall. The story takes place in New Jersey, and is about a woman who, while in the hospital from a minor car collision, sees someone putting a dead body in a car trunk. This scene could just have been induced from the drugs, but the next day, she learns of a suicide that looks more to her like murder. Katie's hot on the trail, but will she expose Dr. Highely before it's too late and she becomes his next victim?

Her Life

Mary Higgins Clark was born and raised in New York. Her father died when she was ten, and her mother was raising Ms. Clark and her two brothers on her own. In 1949, while Ms. Clark was working for Pan American Airlines, she married long time friend, Warren Clark. They were married until 1964, when he died of a heart attack. That's when she started writing scripts for radio stations, and eventually started writing books. Her first book was a biography about George Washington called Aspire to the Heavens.
Then came the book Where Are The Children.

As far as her education, she entered Fordham University in 1974, graduating summa cum laude in 1979. She received a B.A. in philosophy. She returned to her "stomping grounds" in May of 1988 as a commencement speaker, is a trustees member at the university, and is a member of the Board of Regents at St. Peter's College. In her lifetime, she has received thirteen honorary doctorates.

Mary Higgins Clark re-married John J. Coheeney on November 3, 1996. Her husband has four children and nine grandchildren, while Ms. Clark has five children and six grandchildren.

Her Awards

Here is a list of the many awards and honors that Mary Higgins Clark has had presented to her.

The Women's Achievement Award from the Women's Clubs in New Jersey.
Irish Woman of the Year (Year Unknown) from the Irish-American Heritage Committee of the Board of Education of the City of New York.
The Gold Medal of Honor from the Irish-American Historical Society
The Spirit of Achievement Award from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yoshiva University.
National Arts Club Gold Medal in Education
April 1997-Heratio Alger Award
Honors from the Pope, including Dame of the Order of Saint Gregory the Great, Dame of Malta, and Dame of the Holy Sephulcher of Jerusalem.
Awarded the Grand Prix de literature of France in 1980.
Chairman of the International Crime Congress, held in May of 1988
President of the Mystery Writers of America in 1987
A member of the Board of Directors for the Mystery Writers of America

A Recommendation

Mary Higgins Clark is a very prestigious author, and I encourage everyone to read her works. I also urge mystery readers and any readers to check out the Mary Higgins Clark website. It has lots of information on her, work, and even includes text exerts from her books. There's also a posting board to voice your opinions on her work or to talk to other fans of this great author. I and Empire:ZINE would personally like to thank the site for helping me with this article.

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